Our Mission

Hamesha Project is a craft supply biz aimed at curating kits and experiences that allows crafters to experience and learn about South Asian art through play. Growing up, craft was a core part of my life. As a kid, art was my creative outlet and how I made some of my closest friends. More recently, art became a way for me to connect to my own culture. During a life-changing trip to India, I discovered the expansive world of  South Asian craft and the incredible organizations that were trying to preserve them. I was able to travel to Rajasthan, experience the local culture, participate in craft workshops to study regional crafts, and learn from villagers that held generational wisdom on the art form. 

I felt incredibly privileged to get this rare glimpse into such an ancient art form. It inspired me to think of ways to bring this experience to more people within the South Asian diaspora and beyond. Then came the idea for Hamesha Project. My dream for Hamesha Project was to find a way to preserve and honor the full breadth of South Asian crafts, but make experiencing them more accessible. Finally to use what I was so passionate about to bring people together. 

The core of that dream is our craft kits – a labor of love, but my absolute pride and joy. Each kit is a result of months of research, collaboration, and iteration to provide an at-home experience that teaches you how to replicate south asian craft in your own home! I partner with craft organizations that have the original knowledge of the art form to authentically reflect the craft with some fun tidbits about the regional culture thrown in as well. Our kits are the perfect activity for a craft night, get together, date, or an activity to silently transcend generational trauma with your family members. Craft is community, and through our kits and events we hope to bring people together in that spirit. 

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